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Farm Life

About The Farm

Carlee Farm is  a working farm in Granville County. John and Gena Stephens are new to the farming industry and are taking it by the horns, or so to speak! We have donkeys, goats, chickens and bees! We are trying our hand at gardening, but Gena has a problem with that at this time! Keep checking back, one day she is going to master this gardening thing! Just wait and see! 

Farm Life

Farm Products

Carlee Farm has large clear fields that grow wonderful rich hay. We cut the hay 2 times a year in order to sell to some of our local farmers, and for our own animals! They use it for food as well as bedding. 

We also have 17 hens at present and have been collecting a lot of eggs, of all different colors! In fact, we have so many we have started to sell those to our friends, family and co-workers. John and Joe will soon expand the pasture area and build a larger coop so we can begin to sell to the community as well! 

Farm Life

Family and Friends

Without the love, support and dedication of our family and friends, it would not be as much fun! 

Joe and Erin Singleton, Cathy Urbasik, Josh and Rasha Hughes, Rana Jallad, you are by far at the top of the list! Your constant support and help is greatly appreciated! However, I have to give the biggest kuddos to Joe! He is the mastermind with John on all of the projects on the farm! He is also the designer and builder of the exquisite farm tables we have in the barn! We give Joe a real hard time, right along with John, but we love him and are grateful for his dedication! 

Farm Life

Life Skills

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

At Carlee Farm, our goal is to teach people life skills. We want our farm to remain a working farm where people come out and become educated while having a great time! Whether they are here for a wedding, hiking, fishing or hunting, it will take place on a farm that is dedicated to remain a farm. 

Farm Life

Up and Coming

Recently, we have capped out the living space for our animals. John and Joe are currently adding on to the donkey shed/chicken coop as well as extending the pasture surrounding them. Our goal is to add more goats, preferably ones that will produce milk for cheese, butter and milk! We would also like to add to the chicken population increasing to the volume of our egg production. This will generate some income to pay for the feed for the ones are not producing! John says, the ones that don’t produce eggs will become dinner. I say, once I name them, they are family!

Farm Life

Future Farmers

Currently, we are working with several schools that have students who are part of the Future Farmers of America Programs. Carlee Farm takes pride in honoring the motto for FFA.
The FFA motto gives members twelve short words to live by as they experience the opportunities in the organization.

Learning to Do,
Doing to Learn,
Earning to Live,
Living to Serve.

We meet with students and help them understand the different aspects of a farm, find their interest, and make goals and strategies with them. We follow them along a work-study program develop skills and give progress to their teachers/counselors. 

Farm Life

What's In Those Woods?

For those who love to bird watch or hike, Carlee Farm has some beautiful areas in the woods where you can take a leisure walk and see birds, owls, squirrels, and sometimes fox or even coyotes! It is our goal to widen these areas for hayrides and to add natural seating for those who just want to escape and enjoy nature! 

Farm Life

Coming Soon!!!

Check back here often… There is always something happening on the farm!