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For those who have a love of cooking, you have ventured to the right page! I personally love the challenge of just opening the fridge and pantry and having my on cooking challenge! I often surprise myself! Now, to be totally honest, I do have fails too… John doesn’t seem to mind at all, he has a stomach of steel. Funny thing, while he is eating he compliments my efforts and after he is done, he politely says, yeah, you don’t have to make that again. Good try! 

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My reflections on 2016.

My thoughts about New Year’s Resolutions…

Think about this, it’s not like you wake up on January 1 of any given year and your life slate is wiped clean. Everything is still there… Your mistakes, your triumphs, your love, your hate, your bills, your life. It will be there just as it was a minute ago on December 31. No magic fairy is going to  come down and make it all go away. And, if she does, can you PLEASE give her/him my address. (OK some of you may throw in the Jesus card here, and I agree… but not for this blog!)

I say, make every day a new day! You have the opportunity every single day to make a change. Make a resolution each and every single day for the rest of your life to make a change. We are not talking dollars. We are talking sense! My life goal, and I mean every single day, is to make one person smile. I do that quite well, I think. Go out, make that difference, NO… Go out and BE that difference! It doesn’t matter  how big or small. This is not about others. This is about YOU! YOU can be the change in someones day, someones decision, someones life. Don’t get upset that you cannot make enough change in people… because you know what I have learned? Some people just don’t wanna be changed!

In my current dream job, I am still making a difference in people’s lives all the time. Yes, for now I am hosting weddings on the farm. That is not my end goal. My other goal is to host educational field trips here on the farm. Educate others what farm life is all about. Teach children, parents, brides and others what they can do and most importantly, how they can do it. I am not out to make millions of dollars (but that would be nice, and donations are accepted!), however, to educate one mind, make one smile, make one memory… my goal is complete. I am going above and beyond every single day. I can honestly say, I make that difference, do you? Stop what your doing right now, and commit to making a change!