Many people don’t realize that Carlee is our dog.

We picked her up from the Durham County Animal Shelter. She was found on Leesville Road, which is where we lived at the time. John always wanted a dog that would ride in the car with him so therefore, she became Carlee. As we visited the shelter it just so happened that we were the lucky ones that met her within a few hours of being placed into the shelter. They said she was about 6 weeks old when we took her to her forever home. I have heard that rescued dogs are more thankful because somehow they know you saved them. I wonder if the same goes for people?


Carlee on the Farm
Farm dog at the wedding venue

Brown Dog


Carlee has a sister we call Brown Dog. She is a chocolate lab. Her original name was Shadow. She was the first pet of one of my students and they found out the hard way that Ben’s mother was allergic to dogs. We were fortunate enough to take her in and love her just as we love Carlee. Shadow was rambunctious, and would jump all over my friend Terri. She wouldn’t respond when we called her to come to us. Perhaps it was because she was running all around the pond, jumping in the water, chasing butterflies, and just loving the outdoors. Terri  called her Brown Dog, and she came running! From that moment on, we called her Brown Dog. The pond that is on our property is named Brown Dog Pond! Rightfully so, she swims in it year round!


Farm Friends


Some other friends that live on the farm are Darcy, Eeyore, Beyonce’, Mary, Mickey and lil’ Romeo. These are our mini donkeys that live on the farm. They share a pasture with our two twin brother fainting goats (yes they really do faint!) Lefty and Righty! Other friends that visit the farm frequently  include, Wookie, Talia, Snoop, Willie, Mary, Cleo and Daisy. These are our furry four legged friends. These are dogs of our friends that come help with building and farm chores!